Hello from the studio!

We’re so happy to be recording a new CD – our fifth for the Milkshake Music catalog!  It’s called Got a Minute? and features short songs no longer than 2 minutes in length. The songs run the gamut, genre-wise.  Country, rap, rock, pop, with tunes featuring tuba, violin, bagpipes, ukulele, bells…it’s a beautiful thing, and I don’t remember ever having had such a fun time recording.  We want to thank everyone who helped spread the word about the project and pledged on Kickstarter to make it happen.  We wouldn’t be doing this without you.

Dave at the helm. 

We’ve decided to go back to our favorite studio, Invisible Sound, and work with owner Dave Nachodsky.  We feel at home here, and it’s chock full of different keyboards, drums, tube amps and musical gizmos we love and can try at any moment.  Just being in this place encourages creativity. It’s warm and interesting and not at all sterile like many modern-day state-of-the-art studios can be. Dave is old-school, caring and attentive.  And he hates auto-tune and unpreparedness.  He forces us to be our very best, and that’s a good thing.

On June 7th we started to lay basic tracks which included drums, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar.  On Friday, June 8th, we were visited by The Scally family, who have helped us immensely by pledging on our Kickstarter project under the “So you want to be a producer?” category.  This pledge entitled the family to hang out with us in the studio for an afternoon. So they left their home in California, drove across the country and incorporated a stop at Invisible Sound while we were recording as part of their summer vacation.

Ethan Scally & Tom in the studio.

The Scally family have been coming to our shows on the West Coast for a few years, now. It was so great to have them visit our hometown of Baltimore.  8 1/2 year-old Ethan helped Tom by holding a box during a song called “Working Kid Blues” while Tom drummed on it.  (Besides old school, we’re low-tech!). Ethan’s younger sister Sara kept everyone charmed with her funny antics and it was great to have an audience while we worked.

We worked through the weekend of June 9 and 10, finishing basic tracks and building songs.  Cord delighted in playing his new upright bass on some songs and it was perfect on the more acoustic tunes on the CD.  Tom amazed everyone with the immense variety in his drumming.  He helped make each song absolutely different and interesting by not playing the same beat twice, experimenting not just on drums and boxes, but with electronic loops and different variations of his drum kit, slowly eliminating parts until he was down to that one box.

( L – R) Lisa, Ethan Scally, Cord, Tom, Mikel and Sara Scally in the studio.

Look for more posts on the studio happenings and Milkshake musings in general each week. I think I’m liking this blogging thing. 🙂

Video of Mikel & Tom chatting in the studio

Our thanks to good friend and photographer Bill Auth for spending time with us in the studio, taking these and other pics.

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