Milkshake at Club Med, Ixtapa, Mexico

In Milkshake’s ten years together, the band has released four award-winning CDs, the Parents Choice Silver Award-winning DVD Screen Play, and have had music videos on Nick Jr., PBS KIDS and the Emmy-winning cartoon ToddWorld.  The band has never stopped growing and evolving.  Great Day, Milkshake’s fourth CD for kids and kids at heart, received a Grammy nomination for “Best Musical Recording for Children” in 2010. In keeping with the band’s desire to grow with their own children, the songs on Great Day touched on issues of friendship, age, self-esteem, goals and ambitions among other things–things that matter to a 6 to 10 year-old.  Milkshake’s fifth CD release, Got a Minute?, features short songs no longer than 2 minutes in length.  The idea was inspired by the 13 songs Milkshake wrote for PBS KIDS a few years ago which were all a minute or less.  Like all Milkshake CDs, the music transcends age, and both younger and older fans will enjoy this new release.  Look for Got a Minute? in October 2012.  As Parents magazine says: “If kids don’t push the replay button, parents will.”

For more information on Milkshake, please visit www.milkshakemusic.com, or visit the band’s busy page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/milkshakeband

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